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Iris Instruments Syscal Software- Instillation on Windows 10 anniversary update.

30 September 2016

It appears that in some instances the Windows 10 anniversary update can disrupt ProsysII, ElectrePro or Sysmar form running. An error message is presented informing the user the FTD2XX.DDL is missing. In order to fix this issue it is necessary to uninstall all of the Syscal Utility programs, delete their respective directories under program files, and reinstall the latest version of the software from Iris Instruments Website.

The lastest version of the programs can be downloaded from the following link.

New RadExPro Graphical interface

5 July 2016

In the latest version of RadExPro- RadExPro 2016.2- Deco have completely redesigned the main interface to make it even more intuitive. Processing modules can be linked graphically to produce complex relationships with flows. In addition a dedicated SEG-D revision 3 input module has been included, and 3 dimensional auto picking has been incorporated.

RadExPro is available for sale or rental form Geomatrix Earth Science. please feel free to contact us for a free trial.

New RadExPro graphical interface.

Rental Pool Addition: EM61S coil

12 June 2016

As offshore UXO mitigation becomes more prevalent the demand for geophysical instrumentation for locating non-magnetic objects closure to the shore line has increased significantly. Working in the tilde zone is particularly challenging and traditional survey techniques and instrumentation is not ideally suited to the application. To address this specific issue Geomatrix have added an EM61S marine TDEM coil with 100m power data cable to the lease pool.

The coil can be mounted onto a sledge towed across the seabed. The sable sledge platform minimises the movement of the coil from the influence of swell and maintains a constant high above the seabed. In addition the EM61S is a Transient Electromagnetic system which can locate ferrous and non-ferrous objects.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and rental rates.

New features in SeisImagerSW

12 May 2016

SeisImager/SW-1D and -2D now include H/V Spectrum Analysis. With a seismograph and one 3-component geophone, recorded microtremor data may be processed to determine peak frequency for microzonation applications.

SeisImager/SW-Pro is also capable of integrating higher modes into the inversion process. Higher modes tend to dominate where there is a strong contrast between low and high-velocity layers or where there is a velocity inversion

Rental Pool Addition: GT-40 Gamma Ray Spectrometer

24 March 2016

The GT-40 is a versatile Gamma Ray Spectrometer which incorporates specific software and hardware features enabling it to be used for field surveys and follow up laboratory measurements.

GT-40 transportation/carrying harness. Image courtesy of Georadis.
GT-40 transportation/carrying harness. Image courtesy of Georadis.

Unlike other Gamma Ray Spectrometers currently on the market the GT-40 stores the complete calibration spectra to memory, meaning the operator can apply any standard coefficients and the instrument will calibrate itself. Calibrations can be defined for elements or compounds.

The GT-40 includes the ability to implement a local background reading for isolating counts from a particular sample. Combined with a sophisticated automatic gain function called Proportional Gain Compensation, for compensating temperature fluctuations, the GT-40 produces reliable results in any environment. These functions can be enhanced by fitting the collimator which assists improves measurement precision when preforming assays or measurements in a laboratory.

Further information about the GT-40 Gamma Ray Spectrometer.