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Sales of the ever popular G-882 marine magnetometer by Geomatrix now exceed 150

18 April 2014

Director Chris Leech states that this is in large part down to the G-882 becoming a standard product for offshore wind farm site investigations, due to its unsurpassed resolution, its reliability and fact that it can be formed in to arrays of magnetometers, to increase swath widths, and thus reduce surveying time.

S-Boom triple plate boomer now available for rental!

12 December 2013

The Applied acoustics S-Boom has become renowned as the leading source for Ultra High Resolution marine seismic surveys. Already recognised for producing high resolution seabed profiles, the fusion of these three transducers delivers a source level high enough to significantly increase sub-bottom penetration while maintaining a vertical resolution of better than 0.25 metres.

Innovation within the energy source sees the S-Boom capable of operating at a maximum energy output of 1000 Joules per pulse, and firing at 3 pulses per second. At this setting, the S-Boom has achieved penetration results of over 200ms through sand and limestone whilst delivering the high resolution records expected of boomer systems.

The S-Boom is powered by a CSP- S1250 power supply and can be supplied with a Geometrics MicroEel seismic streamer, formulating a perfect data acquisition package suitable for construction geological surveys including shallow gas mitigation.

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Expansion of Electromagnetic instrument range

27 November 2013

Geomatrix are pleased to announce that a second EM61MK2 (TDEM metal detector) and EM38MK2 (FDEM Conductivity and Magnetic Susceptibility meter) have been added into our lease pool.

Our Electromagnetic range now includes; 2 x EM61M2s, 2 x EM31MK2s, 2 x EM38MK2s, 1 x EM34-3 and a CMD Explorer.

Please feel free to contact us for availability and pricing information.

Introducing the KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity meter

14 September 2013

The KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity meter is now available for rental!! The Terraplus KT-10 magnetic susceptibility & conductivity meters are tailored towards characterising rock samples or drill cores. The instrument offers interactive metadata and QC functions helping to maintain data quality throughout a survey. The KT-10 is the ideal tool for both Exploration Geophysics and Geoarchaeological studies!

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The polarity of the Suns magnetic field is about to reverse!

2 August 2013

The Sun is about to reach the midpoint between Solar Maximums where the magnetic field changes polarity. This event occurs approximately every eleven years and has been observed by Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory 3 times. Solar activity (sun spots and solar flares) is not likely to change during this transition but it is worth taking note of this grand event. For more information please see