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Geomatrix wins the bi-annual Sales Excellence award

19 June 2013

Geomatrix is pleased to receive the bi-annual Sales Excellence award from Geometrics Inc for continuing high sales of the G-882 marine magnetometer. Geomatrix total sales of this excellent product for marine search and mapping now totals some 121 units with 43 units sold in the last 2 years alone, and yet more systems on order with the manufacturer.

Geomatrix Director Chris Leech says this shows what an excellent design the G-882 magnetometer is, reliable and with superb resolution and high sampling rates which combine to make an ideal high resolution magnetic mapping tool for the underwater environment, either in standalone mode, or combined in arrays for wide swath mapping.

Geomatrix at the EAGE annual technical meeting and conference

2 June 2013

Come and see us at the latest EAGE annual technical meeting and conference, June 10-13 at the London Excel Centre.

New Release - Geomatrix is pleased to release the new and improved Marine Magnetometer Test Box!

24 January 2013

Geomatrix Earth Science is pleased to release the new and improved Marine Magnetometer Test Box for the G-881 and G-882 Marine Magnetometers. The new GP102 TowFish test box offers additional features including the ability to check the operation status of an altimeter. For more information please refer to G-882 Marine Magnetometer.

Recent additions to the rental pool

28 May 2012

We have added a 3.125m group interval, 24 channel MicroEel multichannel streamer with a Bubble pulser energy source from Falmouth Scientific to augment our marine geophysical capability. These two products when combined with a Geode seismograph make an excellent small vessel system, and bring the advantages on multi-channel processing into the realm of geotechnical engineering surveys.

Additionally, to add to our multi-channel EM conductivity capability we now have available a CMD Explorer from GF Instruments. The Explorer will record in-phase and quad phase readings from 3 receiver coils simultaneously thus reducing surveying time or adding additional depth layers to the data within the same surveying time.