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Downhole and Crosshole Tools added to our rental pool

2 February 2010

For use with standard exploration seismographs, we have added the following downhole seismic tools to our rental pool for uses in cross hole tomography, shear wave measurements and up-hole P wave travel time measurement.

  • Geometrics 24 channel DHA-7 hydrophone array
  • Geotomographie 7 component geophone tool (2 off)
  • Geotomographie P and S wave energy sources

Geomatrix at Oceanology

1 February 2010

Come and visit us on stand number C250 at the internationally prestigious Oceanology International exhibition in London 9-11 March 2010 Our display will include the G-882 transverse magnetic gradiometer, GeoEel digital streamer and innovative P cable system which allows 3D seismic surveys from small non-specialised vessels.

Client deploys an array of 6 G-882 marine magentometers

12 July 2009

Client deploys an array of 6 G-882 marine magentometers in a transverse gradiometer configuration for marine UXO search to provide ultra high spatial sampling density to detect the smallest of targets.

Kawasaki Mule added to rental pool

28 June 2009

Kawasaki Mule

Utility 4x4 off road vehicle, can be used for pulling the GEEP or mounting the PEG-40 weight drop or simply used as an off-road pick up truck to increase your speed of moving equipment around on site. Thus saving you time and money.

The rear tray can be used for winding cables in, carrying cable reels or other heavy items quickly and safely around the site.

The 2 x 12VDC power outputs available on the Mule for powering lap tops or other equipment. Special terms and conditions of hire apply.


14 March 2009

Transverse gradiometer frame for model G-882 marine magnetometer added. Allows recording of two total field magnetomters saparated laterally by 1.5m. For further information on the applications and advantages of a transverse gradiometer please contact us.

Transverse magine magnetic gradiomenter for marine UXO detection.

  • G-882 Transverse Gradiometer Datasheet (PDF 283KB)